2nd GLOBE Natural Capital Accounting Study

Categoría: Publicaciones Publicado: Martes, 21 Octubre 2014

The natural environment provides goods and services that are essential for our well-being and development. Every part of the natural environment that is capable of contributing to human well-being is a capital asset – part of our ‘natural capital’.

Human activity has substantially degraded the natural environment. The global stock of natural capital and valuable goods and services that it provides are being rapidly depleted, in some cases irreversibly. However the status of natural capital is not captured comprehensively by conventional wealth accounting frameworks such as the UN System of National Accounts, or by economic activity measures such as GDP. Therefore there is an urgent need to implement effective methods and measures for natural capital accounting and to embed these within relevant legal and policy frameworks.

This Study is designed to inform efforts by legislators to address these needs.

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and non
renewable components such as mineral deposits and fossil fuels
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