The NCD Roadmap. Implementing the four commitmentsof the Natural Capital Declaration

Categoría: Publicaciones Publicado: Domingo, 13 Octubre 2013

ncd roadmapAlthough natural capital underpins global wealth creation, it does not appear on the balance sheets of financial institutions, and it is largely invisible in financial decisionmaking. The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) is a finance-led initiative which seeks to address this gap by integrating natural capital considerationsinto the financial sector.



Phase I of the initiative focused on building momentum around this topic, and was successfully concluded with the official launch of the Declaration at the ‘Rio+20’ Summit in June 1992. As of April 2013, the Declaration has been signed by the CEOs of 41 financial institutions.



Now, in Phase II, signatory financial institutions are setting about implementing the four commitments in the Declaration, through the NCD Roadmap described in this paper. A lean management structure has been set up, jointly managed by UNEP FI and the Global Canopy Programme, to help financial institutions implement the NCD. Four working groups will tackle the critical challengesto incorporating natural capital considerations in the financial industry.

This report explains how the Declaration can be implemented, and what this can mean in practice for signatory financial institutions. It also identifies other government and corporate sector initiatives with a focus on natural capital and with whom the Natural Capital Declaration is seekingto collaborate - to ensure complementarity rather than overlap.Lastly, it provides a timetable for action.

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