Publicado el Índice de Líderes de Capital Natural

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Publicado: Viernes, 25 Abril 2014

El “Índice de líderes de capital natural”, a cargo de GreenBiz Group en asociación con Trucost plc, reconoce a las empresas que reportaron un crecimiento en el negocio entre los años 2008 y 2012 y que, al mismo tiempo, redujeron sus emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero y otros impactos ambientales como el uso del agua y energía. Intel, Xerox, Verizon, Ford, ManpowerGroup y Kimberly-Clark son algunas de las empresas incluidas en el índice.

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New Study Shows Kenya's Shift to Green Economy Should Generate USD 45 Billion by 2030, Build Climate Resilience and Boost Food Security

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Publicado: Martes, 22 Abril 2014

The Green Economy Assessment Report: Kenya Shows Positive Returns Projected within Seven to Ten Years.

kenyaNairobi, 15 April 2014 - Kenya's transition to a green economy could produce major economic benefits - equivalent to an estimated USD 45 billion by 2030 - as well as greater food security, a cleaner environment and higher productivity of natural resources, according to a new study launched Tuesday by the Government of Kenya and the UN Environment Programme.


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The value of natural capital: a risk or an opportunity?

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Publicado: Jueves, 03 Abril 2014

160696What is the value of a forest? And that of a river? The answer depends on whom you ask: indigenous people who depend on the forest and consider trees and water streams to be sacred surely have a totally different idea than the manager of a timber company.

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Publicado: Martes, 25 Marzo 2014

logo-globeThe 1st GLOBE UK Natural Capital Legislation Conference and UK launch of the GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative will convene in the House of Commons on Tuesday 1st April 2014.

The GLOBE UK Natural Capital Legislation Conference will bring legislators together with the experts, policy makers and business leaders involved in developing methods for measuring and accounting for changes in natural capital assets to explore the key issues, risks and opportunities associated with natural capital accounting in the UK.

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Productive meeting of the FOREST EUROPE Expert Group on Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services

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Publicado: Lunes, 10 Marzo 2014

forest europe logoExperts on the valuation of forests ecosystem services (VFES) from different countries and international organizations (such as the European Forest Institute and the European Commission) met this Thursday, 27 February, in Madrid (Spain).


The work of this expert group started in June 2012, when FOREST EUROPE organized a kick-off meeting, also in Madrid. This gave an initial boost to this part of the FOREST EUROPE Programme of Work the aim of which is, among other things, to promote the VFES in the pan-European region.


During this latest meeting, experts presented the results of the work carried out by the three FOREST EUROPE working sub-groups dealing with different aspects related to the economic valuation of the broad range of services provided by forests.


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Putting the green economy into practice

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Publicado: Martes, 04 Marzo 2014


Bridges Trade BioRes Review • Volume 8 • Number 2 • March 2014 - 

by María Mendiluce

An important announcement was made at this year’s World Economic Forum Davos global gathering, namely that 14 WTO members [Ref 1] committed to negotiating a trade liberalising agreement on environmental goods. A gradual liberalisation and market opening in the area of environmental goods would be positive step towards incentivising the transition to low-carbon economic development. Furthermore, the move is particularly important given the ongoing negotiations to achieve an international climate agreement next year in Paris, France.

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Nace la Fundación Capital Natural. Economía circular y regenerativa para la conservación de la naturaleza

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Publicado: Lunes, 03 Marzo 2014

logoCoincidiendo con la celebración del primer Día Mundial de la Naturaleza instaurado por la ONU, el Colegio de Ingenieros de Montes ha anunciado el nacimiento de la Fundación Capital Natural, un proyecto en el que trabaja desde hace tiempo y que por fin es una realidad.

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