Increasing green infrastructure to maintain ecosystem services in Europe

Categoría: Actualidad Publicado: Lunes, 27 Octubre 2014

In a recently published paper, JRC scientists estimated that in the European Union every 1% increase of artificial lands (roads, buildings) should be compensated with an increase of 2.2% of green infrastructure (natural or semi-natural areas) within the same region, in order to maintain ecosystem services at 2010 levels - the base year of the EU Biodiversity strategy to 2020.

JRC scientists assessed the impacts of the current trends in land-use change on the provision of ecosystem services, using an ecosystem services index coupled with a land-use modelling platform. Compared to the base year 2010, ecosystem services in the European Union are expected to decrease by up to 5% by 2020 and between 10 and 15% by 2050.

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