The broad variety of valuation methods seen as an opportunity by the FOREST EUROPE Workshop on Valuation of Forest Ecosystem Services

Categoría: Actualidad Publicado: Martes, 30 Septiembre 2014

Agreement on only one approach to the valuation of forest ecosystem services (VFES) in the pan-European region is neither easy nor advisable. This is the opinion of the experts who attended the FOREST EUROPE workshop held on 24-25 September in Belgrade, Serbia.

Delegates from Albania, Finland, Italy, Norway, Republic of Serbia, Spain and United Kingdom shared with the workshop attendees a wide variety of projects on VFES carried out in their respective countries. Experiences developed at a regional level were also presented by representatives of the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre, the European Forest Institute, and the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB).

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