Legislators from 100 countries to place national legislation at heart of a 2015 global agreement on climate change

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logo-globeThe 2nd World Summit of Legislators, hosted by the Congress of Mexico and organised by the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE), will meet in the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico from the 6th to the 8th of June 2014.

Senior legislators from over 100 countries will politically test a new model for an international climate change agreement that has national legislation at its heart. The legislators will debate the principles of what makes good legislation on climate change, including mitigation and adaptation, forests/REDD+ as well as natural capital accounting.

The Summit will convene ahead of the crucial United Nations Leaders’ Summit to be hosted by Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in September in New York. The WSL2014 will convene at a time when climate laws are being advanced at an increasingly rapid pace. GLOBE’s 4th Climate Legislation Study of laws in 66 nations clearly highlights this trend. At the time of the Copenhagen climate conference there were only 47 laws in the 66 study countries. At the end of 2013, those same countries now have 487 laws.

GLOBE International President and House Chairperson of the National Assembly of South Africa, Hon. Cedric Frolick MP said: ‘This is a positive trend that will be key to underpinning the climate negotiations in Lima 2014 and Paris 2015.’ Importantly, further analysis to be presented at the WSL2014 by GLOBE, will show that regardless of the progress in the international process, an increasing number of countries, both developed and developing, are placing significant commitments into national legislation.

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